Tree Trimming Done Properly

Have trees in your backyard that need to be trimmed? You’ve been planning on trimming the trees but you just don’t have the time. Anyway, you have no clue how to cut the branches at all so you don’t want to mess it up. Make your life easier by just booking tree trimming services from professionals such as Lorenzo's Tree Service. We can accurately trim the trees on your property in Newark, CA.

When Trimming Trees

There’s much to consider when cutting branches from trees. You can’t just cut off any branch. You have to check whether the branches in question are structural branches or not. Cut the wrong one and the tree could become unstable. Moreover, you need knowledge on how to cut the branches safely. If you cut it however way you want, you could cause too big of a wound to the tree, preventing it from healing fast enough. This could lead to infection and your tree’s health will get compromised. So, if you need help, hire professionals like us to do it for you.

We Trim Trees Properly!

Our tree trimming service uses proper methods and tools so that the trimming process will be a complete success. Our priority is to keep the trees healthy during and after the trimming process and we do this by using methods such as the three-cut method. We’ll start by cutting the top part of the branch but several inches away from the trunk. We won’t cut it completely so that the weight of the branch will not tear at the bark of the trunk. We’ll then cut below so that we can control how the branch will fall. By the time the task is finished, your trees will be perfectly trimmed in no time!

Lorenzo's Tree Service provides the tree trimming service that you need so that the trees will remain healthy even after the process. Do you need help trimming the branches of the trees on your property in Newark, CA? Give us a call at (510) 201-5786 right away!

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