Our Tree Service Includes Pruning Branches

Are some branches decaying? Are some about to snap and could potentially hit something or someone? Even if you don’t have the time for it, you will need to make time to prune them so that accidents won’t happen. Consider booking a tree service from professionals such as Lorenzo's Tree Service in situations like these. We can properly prune the trees on your property in Newark, CA.

Why Prune Trees?

Although you can trim the trees during the right season, there may come a time when you won’t have a choice but to cut off some branches on the spot. Some branches could end up causing problems such as property damage and even physical injuries. For instance, if there is a branch that is about to snap off, it only takes strong winds for it to snap and hit someone nearby or break windows. Don’t let this happen. You should hire professionals like us to get rid of these problematic branches once and for all.

We Prune Trees!

Our tree pruning service targets branches that are causing all kinds of concerns. We’ll find the ones that are showing signs of decay, the ones that are about to snap off and fall, and especially the ones that are growing too close to the windows of your house. We’ll get up on a ladder and cut the branches carefully one by one using methods such as the three-cut method. We’ll be using industry-grade tools as well. Once we finish up, all of the branches that need to be pruned will be pruned and we’ll dispose of the branches properly. Book this service and your trees will be pruned in no time!

Lorenzo's Tree Service provides the tree service you need so that they will be pruned correctly. Are there branches that need to be cut off from the trees on your property in Newark, CA? Feel free to contact us at (510) 201-5786 right away!